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Introducing: Level Twelve! St. Petersburg, Florida’s Premier Senior Rep Team

Talk about a labor of love!

It hasn’t been easy transitioning to a new town. I gave myself a year to get myself and my sweet little family settled before I tried to reach a new market, and it’s exactly as hard as I thought it would be!

Reinvention is a tricky little thing. It’s so exciting, but at the same time so intimidating. What if you reinvent…wrong? Is that possible? Shouldn’t I just try to be the most authentic version of myself? If I was…then wouldn’t the business follow? Well, that’s what I’m hoping 😉

When I was pondering all of the above, I realized that I wasn’t any different that the market I was trying to reach. I knew I wanted to begin focusing on High School Seniors, and who better to learn from than those in the throws of the biggest identity crisis of them all? 17 year olds. Not quite children, not quite adults. It’s that transition time. Who are you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to be KNOWN for? I chuckled to myself as I realized that we never fully conquer these questions.

I knew the best way to grow my Senior Photography business was to have a rep team, so I hit the pavement and began creating my own unique program; Level Twelve.

After a long process that included applications, meetings and public speaking (yikes), and lots of tears on my part…God gave me the four most gorgeous (inside and out!) girls!

These ladies are the embodiment of everything I wanted Level Twelve to stand for. They are graceful, smart, determined, KIND, beautiful and unique. They truly represent the best of St. Petersburg!

Beyond that though, these young ladies have reinforced inside my soul the desire and passion I have for working with, and capturing this age group.

So much hope. So much promise. So many dreams!

Of course my goal is to grow my team. To get the word out about Ashley Sanchez Photography. But more than that, I want to grow with these girls for a year. I want to see (and capture them!) in this last and most important year of their adolescence.

I can’t wait to see how much I learn from them! Each one of these girls will get their own day on my blog next week, where I’ll share pictures from our first shoot together, and talk a little more formally about each of these special women!

But, without further ado…It’s time to introduce the four most beautiful girls in St. Petersburg, Florida 🙂

Meet Catelyn! Catelyn is a Junior at Keswick Christian School. Beyond her natural beauty, she is wearing a Rocko’s Modern Life shirt! Speaking directly to this 90’s gal’s heart.
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0011.jpg

This is Chelsea! Chelsea is currently a junior at St. Petersburg High School! (GO Green Devils!). Her eye color is the most breathtaking color. It’s like actual caramel! She as sweet as it also 😉 This beautiful lady is highly involved in her school, between the dance team and service clubs. She’s basically who I wanted to be in high school, haha!
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0012.jpg

I’d love to introduce you to Rylee! Rylee also attends St. Petersburg High School, and her skin is as perfect as it looks (what?!?). But who cares about perfect skin, when you’re an IB student NAILING high school? Brains and beauty…the total package.
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0013.jpg

And last but not least, the gorgeous Sierra. Sierra is a junior at Keswick and recently moved form Georgia (my home state!). She is just about the most photogenic person I know. She is all over my marketing material, because LOOK AT HER! haha. You won’t meet a kinder soul!
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0014.jpg


We may be small, but we are mighty! And I couldn’t ask for a better group of women to represent me and brand. I can’t wait for all we have in store this year. Be prepared to see A LOT more of the gorgeous faces!
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0015.jpg


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