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As a mother to three wonderful babies myself, I find myself wondering when “3 or more” became what defined a large family. It’s strange how the times change, seems like not to long ago it was normal to have a brood! But for her, when people saw this sweet momma was on her fourth, their eyes grew to the size of saucers.

“Wow you’ve got your hands full!”

Always the sentiment of well meaning strangers 🙂

But truthfully, this family handles life with such grace that they’re the kind you PRAY continues to bring wonderful, giggling, loving, squishy life into this, oftentimes, scary world. Trust me, there is enough love to go around, and then some!

This sweet little boy is now the smallest of 4, and the second boy. It’s a picture perfect life…not without it’s hardships and struggles, sure…but every day, and every moment is taken one at at time, and savored the whole way

I love my St. Petersburg Families!

St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_010.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_001.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_002.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_003.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_004.jpg
St. Petersburg_Family_Photographer_005.jpg
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