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Capturing fellow St. Petersburg Firefighter families is my FAVORITE!

Not only are we family because we are bonded by the incredible profession of firefighting, but we are friends. This incredible family is 100% as happy as they seem, and that’s a rare thing in this day and age of filtered living through imagery. I mean, you really need to study the images of husband and wife below. That’s not staging! That is chemistry! Pure and simple. A real life spark.

And it can start a fire ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good thing he’s trained! Those babies are best friends, also. You know how many images i get of siblings kissing? Haha…not many.

This family is the real deal. Living life as a family in one of the most dangerous and underpaid professions is as hard as it sounds, but the White family make it look easy. They put in the hard work for it though, and it pays off.

This family is on fire. It is my honor to be their photographer, and their friend!

St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0128.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0127.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0123.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0131.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0125.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0129.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0130.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0126.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0132.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0135.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0136.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0137.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0133.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0134.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0138.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0139.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0148.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0140.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0141.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0142.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0145.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0146.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0161.jpg


It’s not often I get to photography a true Instagram super star, but I sure did get the chance to this winter! Meet Jackie from the popular Lifestyle and Mommy Blog, based out of right here in Tampa bay, Florida

And what a gorgeous family. It’s no wonder she has such a large following. Her posts and writing is so sincere about family.

And they are the real deal! In love with each other and dripping with happiness. When family can interact with each other with such natural joy, they need no direction, and that was this family. I was able to just sit back and click away as the documentary photographer.

It is so obvious that Jackie is doing exactly what she was created to do. And I was honored to capture this beautiful family full of genuine heart and soul.
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0101.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0102.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0104.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0105.jpg

St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0106.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0110.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0111.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0107.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0108.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0109.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0113.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0114.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0116.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0115.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0118.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0117.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0119.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0120.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0103.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0121.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0122.jpg


All people are called to do something special.

Some people are called to serve their community. Some people are called to be diligent workers, affecting their work place with positivity. Some people are called to teach, to lead, even to sing or write. Some people are called to hold a camera ๐Ÿ˜‰

And then some people…some VERY special people, are called to extend love in the most selfless and life changing way possible; through adoption.

It’s a very special calling, indeed. And the people who take on this special calling, are completely set apart.

Whenever I’m called upon to capture a family like this, I am so humbled. This beautiful family, after having biological son of their own (who is a fantastic big brother!), felt led to complete their family by extending love to children born overseas. They got on a plane, not once but twice, to bring home a child to love and raise.

The smiles on the faces of these children are as big as their hearts, and they are evidence that when you listen intently to the calling upon your life, and you are obedient to that calling, the fruit is the joy you make in this world.

It is my pleasure to share with you, the images of the Ashmead Family, right here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida…where this humbled photographer was able to capture love in it’s most selfless form ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy this very special family session!
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0086.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0087.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0088.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0098.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0089.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0090.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0091.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0100.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0092.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0093.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0096.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0097.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0094.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0095.jpg


It’s warming up again folks! And there are some steamy images here for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ This sweet family rocks the Tampa Bay weather. I mean, they make 100% humidity look good! This couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other! And look at them both, can you blame them? Four kids later and the love doesn’t run dry.
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0076.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0074.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0079.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0080.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0078.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0069.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0068.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0070.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0071.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0072.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0073.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0077.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0075.jpg


It’s that time of year again! Can’t you feel the crisp in the air? The change in the wind? Aren’t your evenings getting a little cooler, and the days a little less hot?


Yeah, me neither ๐Ÿ˜

it is after all, the middle of July in Florida (also know as the 7th circle of Hades, for those not from these parts).

BUT we must, I repeat we MUST think of the relief that is to come, to push us through! And what better way to do that, than booking your family’s Holiday shoot?

Back by popular demand, is Ashley Sanchez Photography’s annual Holiday Campfire Mini Sessions! This year, we will be shooting again at Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida for all of my Central Florida friends, and at Fort De Soto State Park in St. Petersburg, Florida for all of you in the Tampa Bay area!

Listen, I love Florida. Beach shoots are the best, and I can’t imagine a life where I’m not minutes away from digging my toes in the sand, but sometimes you want to throw on a sweater and cozy up to a fire. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re surrounded by palm trees and mosquitos in November and December to get into the Christmas spirit…but that’s why I created these!

This session is fully styled, from the cozy blankets to the s’mores and hot cocoa! It’s designed, both in location and ambience to look like a mountain escape in the middle of Florida. If you have children, this type of session is perfect, because the gooey s’mores and the cracklin’ campfire keep them happy and occupied. My handsome hubby, who just happens to be a Paramedic/Firefighter will be on scene assisting me, you and the campfire!

Here in Florida, we might not get autumn leaves or a first snow, but my skill and vision can craft photos that will transport you to a place beyond the sand and sea (bug spray still highly recommended ๐Ÿ˜‰).

The sessions are $225.00, 20 minutes long and will include 5 digital images, a free digital Holiday Card design, and a custom FB timeline photo. You will have the option to add extra digital files, the entire digital gallery, and to purchase prints or products from my professional lab. If you’re interested in booking and for more information, click the links below! First come, first serve and they will go fast! I require a $100.00 deposit to secure your spot ๐Ÿ˜Š. I hope to see you there! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots from last year!

Now, off to turn down my AC by another degree.

               BOOK Central Florida/Lake Louisa Campfire Mini

                   BOOK Tampa Bay/Fort De Soto Campfire Mini


St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0017.jpg
St. Petersburg Family Photographer_0016.jpg