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A Very Special Family Session- St. Petersburg, Fl

All people are called to do something special.

Some people are called to serve their community. Some people are called to be diligent workers, affecting their work place with positivity. Some people are called to teach, to lead, even to sing or write. Some people are called to hold a camera 😉

And then some people…some VERY special people, are called to extend love in the most selfless and life changing way possible; through adoption.

It’s a very special calling, indeed. And the people who take on this special calling, are completely set apart.

Whenever I’m called upon to capture a family like this, I am so humbled. This beautiful family, after having biological son of their own (who is a fantastic big brother!), felt led to complete their family by extending love to children born overseas. They got on a plane, not once but twice, to bring home a child to love and raise.

The smiles on the faces of these children are as big as their hearts, and they are evidence that when you listen intently to the calling upon your life, and you are obedient to that calling, the fruit is the joy you make in this world.

It is my pleasure to share with you, the images of the Ashmead Family, right here in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida…where this humbled photographer was able to capture love in it’s most selfless form 🙂

Enjoy this very special family session!
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0086.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0087.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0088.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0098.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0089.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0090.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0091.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0100.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0092.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0093.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0096.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0097.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0094.jpg
St. Petersburg Senior Photographer_0095.jpg


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